Pierre Lombart & Sir Peter Lely Anne (Hyde), Duchess of York, 1637 - 1671. Daughter of the Earl of Clarendon; wife of James, Duke of York Unknown


Born 1612/3
Died 1682
Nationality French

Little is known of Lombart’s early years, although he was born in France (perhaps Paris) and is believed to have been a pupil of Gérard Edelinck or François Poilly. It is thought he travelled to England in around 1651 where he worked throughout the decade. With the publication of his two portraits of Oliver Cromwell Lombart became known as one of the finest engravers of the time. Perhaps his greatest achievement was a series of twelve portraits after paintings by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, known as ‘The Countesses’. Lombart is known to have been back in Paris in 1663, where he died in 1682.