Phyllis Mary Bone Red Deer - Mother and Son About 1942 © The Estate of the Artist


Born 1896
Died 1972
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Hornby

Bone grew up in Edinburgh and studied at Edinburgh College of Art, gaining a Diploma in Sculpture in 1918. Following the First World War, Bone spent eighteen months in Paris, where she studied under the renowned animalier sculptor Édouard Navellier. It was as an animalier that Bone was to make her name. By 1919, she had returned to Edinburgh where she was commissioned to work on the Scottish National War Memorial (1923–7) - responsible for modelling all but one of the animals, including the Lion and Unicorn at the entrance. Alongside these prominent projects Bone produced smaller works, mostly in bronze, throughout her lengthy, prolific and successful career. She has been described as ‘the most productive [and] possibly the most connected female sculptor of the first half of the twentieth-century in Scotland.’