Patrick Nasmyth Landscape Unknown


Born 1787
Died 1831
Nationality Scottish

Patrick Nasmyth was the eldest son of Alexander Nasmyth (1758 – 1840) who was best known as ‘the father of landscape painting in Scotland’. Patrick was named after his father’s friend Patrick Miller of Dalswinton. He was taught the rudiments of drawing and painting by his father before moving to London in 1807. He suffered from poor health and an accident to his right hand when he was young meant that he had to learn to draw left-handed. A childhood illness also left him partially deaf, and he grew up to have a rather introspective nature. In his paintings he chose to depict the countryside of the Home Counties. He modelled his style on Dutch seventeenth-century artists, especially Meindert Hobbema, and was nicknamed the ‘Scottish Hobbema’.