Owen Logan 'Allal's Mum' 1989 © Owen Logan


Born 1963
Nationality Scottish

Owen Logan was born in Edinburgh in 1963. He has worked as a freelance photographer since 1979. His work has been largely about documenting other cultures. In 1983 he began a series of pictures of the Sikh community both in Britain and abroad. His projects have concentrated on life in Morocco, published as 'Al Maghrib' (1989) and the Italian communities in Scotland, 'Bloodlines/Vite allo Specchio'. He is currently working on a complex long-term project in Nigeria, about the impact of globalisation, which involves close collaboration with Nigerians. Logan is also a contributing editor to the independent arts magazine Variant and a research fellow in the field of socio-economics at the University of Aberdeen. He lives and works in Edinburgh and Toulon.