Naum Gabo Column 1921 - 1922/75 The Work of Naum Gabo © Nina and Graham Williams


Born 1890
Died 1977
Nationalities Russian
Birth place Klimovichi
Death place Waterbury

Gabo was born in Russia and trained in Munich as a scientist and engineer. He made his first geometrical constructions while living in Oslo in 1915. Gabo was influenced by scientists who were developing new ways of understanding space, time and matter. He responded to this in his sculpture by using transparent plastics. In 1920, Gabo published a 'Realistic Manifesto' which set out the principles of Constructivism and advocated a new abstract sculpture. From 1936 to 1946 Gabo lived in England. Through his friendships with Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, he also influenced their artwork, particularly in the use of string in their sculptures.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms


A geometric, abstract style founded in the early twentieth century in Russia by Vladimir Tatlin. The movement reflected the machine age through its use of new technology and materials and applied its theories to architecture and design as well as fine art. Exiled artists such as Naum Gabo helped to spread Constructivist ideas into the West.