Nadav Kander David Millar, b. 1977. Cyclist 2011 © Nadav Kander, courtesy Flowers Galleries


Born 1961
Nationalities Israeli

Nadav Kander is an award-winning photographer. Born in Israel, in 1963 his family moved to South Africa where as a child Kander enjoyed taking photographs. When called for National Service his time was spent in the Air Force developing aerial photographs. In 1986 he left South Africa and established a studio in London. Since then Kander’s career has flourished and he has won numerous awards for his landscape and portrait photography. His portraits are captivating and elegantly beautiful despite displaying a sense of quiet and unease. Kander notes: “In any session there are as many as 100 pictures made, but only a few will be portraits, in that they hold so much more than just a likeness.”