Mimmo Paladino Silenzioso Sangue [Silent Blood] 1979/85 © MIMMO PALADINI


Born 1948
Nationality Italian
Birth place Paduli

Paladino was born in the south of Italy, near Benevento, and grew up in Naples. He lives in Benevento and Milan. In the early 1970s Paladino began using mythological subjects in his work. His later works draws, in particular, on Etruscan art and on the classical art of his native area. Paladino was one of a small group of Italian artists, dubbed the 'transavanguardia', who rose to international prominence in the early 1980s. Their work offered a contemporary reinterpretation of classical mythology. From the early 1980s Paladino made prints and bronze and wooden sculptures in addition to paintings.