Michael Reisch Landscape 2007 © Michael Reisch


Born 1964
Nationality German

Reisch studied Photography and Sculpture at ‘Gerrite Rietveld Academie’, Amsterdam, from 1986-1991. This was followed by an influential year studying under photographer Bernd Becher at the ‘Kunstakademie’, Düsseldorf. Reisch’s photographic images challenge the very basis of photography: the idea that the medium somehow confirms the shape of the world. At the same time, in his creation of an ideal view, the artist references a long tradition of landscape art. With all signs of people and habitation removed, Reisch’s photographs take on a utopian, even primordial dimension. Familiar landscapes become strange and distant, realised entirely in themselves. His landscapes appear as fractured idylls, which fluctuate “between paradise and nightmares of genetic engineering”.