Dalziel + Scullion Water Falls Down 2001 © Dalziel + Scullion


Nationality Scottish

Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion have collaborated together since 1993. Working in photography, video, sculpture, sound and installation, their work explores the relationship between humans and the natural world. “We use nature as allegories for things that are human. It is about human beings; that complexity of the duality of being physical and cerebral, and the responsibility that goes with that.” Their work often involves the total immersion in a place, such as when they lived in the north east of Scotland and, more recently, with field trips to Norway. Dalziel was born in Irvine and studied at Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art, Dundee, from 1981-5 and at Glasgow School of Art from 1987-8. Scullion was born in Helensburgh and studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1984-8. They have exhibited widely in the UK and internationally, including General Release: Young British Artists at the 46th Venice Biennale in 1995. They live and work in Dundee.