Mat Collishaw Untitled 1997 © Mat Collishaw and The Paragon Press


Born 1966
Nationality English
Birth place Nottingham

Mat Collishaw’s work deals with themes of representation and illusion, often through the combination of different types of media. For example, his projections of video onto three-dimensional objects such as a bird onto a bell jar. Collishaw’s subject matter merges the beautiful with the disturbing, including a series of digitally-altered photographs in which images of diseased flesh became exotic flowers. Collishaw was born in Nottingham and studied at Goldsmiths College in London, where his work was included in the influential ‘Freeze’ exhibition, organised by Damien Hirst. He works predominantly with video, installation and photography.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms


The print is made by forcing ink through a screen on which a stencil is placed. Traditionally used for commercial printing, it has been taken up by artists since the 1960s when it was used extensively in Pop art.