Leonard Limosin François II of France, 1544 - 1560 Before 1560


Born about 1505
Died about 1575
Nationality French
Birth place Limoges
Death place Limoges

The son of an innkeeper, Leonard was born in Limoges. He went on to work as an enamel painter for the king’s court. He most likely began his career as an apprentice to the enamel painters, Nardon Penicauld and his brother or son Jean I. From 1533-41 he worked for the Bishop of Limoges. He went on to be employed by the Royal court in Fontainebleu for François I. His court employment continued under both Henri II and François II. Leonard’s workshop is known to have made more than 130 enamelled portraits. Many of which would have been intended to be displayed within highly decorated palace interiors. He was chiefly influenced by Italian mannerism as interpreted in France by the likes of Jean Goujon and Etienne Delaune.