Kim Lim Blue Disc Dated 1970 © Estate of Kim Lim. All rights reserved. DACS, London 2023


Born 1936
Died 1997
Nationality British

Kim Lim was born in Singapore, and moved to London aged 18 to study art at Central Saint Martins. During her studies she mainly focused on wood carving, and explored printmaking at Slade School of Fine Art after two years at Central Saint Martins. Lim created sculptures and prints that were balanced and simple in their shape and form. Travelling widely throughout her career to China, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Egypt, she was inspired by ancient art and the flow and rhythm of Indian and Southeast Asian sculpture. Later in her career she focused on stone and marble carving which allowed her to explore themes of nature and the elements with these raw, natural materials. Lim frequently exhibited in London and Singapore throughout her career.