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Born 1981
Nationality Scottish

Katie Paterson studied at Edinburgh College of Art from 2000-04 and at the Slade School of Art from 2005-07. Her work has explored themes of ecology, geology and cosmology, dealing with large and distant occurrences in nature and the universe. She transforms them through the use of everyday objects or materials and reducing them to a human scale. Her work is conceptually driven and she utilises a variety of media. Key solo shows have been staged at Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh (2014), BAWAG Contemporary, Vienna (2012) and Modern Art Oxford (2008). She lives in Fife and works in Edinburgh and London.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms

Installation art

An art practice developed in the second half of the twentieth century that broke away from the view of a sculpture as a singular object to be looked at. Instead, installation artists create an environment that may surround the viewer. Many are temporary or created for a particular location.