Karla Black Contact Isn't Lost 2008 © Karla Black


Born 1972
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Alexandria

Karla Black’s work operates in an area of uncertainty, where things are 'only just' and deliberately ambivalent. Full of contrasts, her abstract sculptures are both commanding, often occupying the whole gallery space, and extremely fragile. Her work is informed by psychoanalysis and feminism alongside a pure fascination with the materials she exploits. Normally domestic items such as makeup, moisturising cream, fake tan and petroleum jelly are utilised alongside plaster, paint and polythene, creating works which overlap the formless and the formal. Black studied Sculpture at Glasgow School of Art from 1995-9, before gaining a MPhil in 2000 and a master’s degree in Fine Art in 2004. Solo exhibitions have been staged at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia (2013), the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow (2012), and the Migros Museum, Zurich (2009). Her works are held within many prestigious collections including the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, The Hammer Museum, LA, and Tate. In 2011 she represented Scotland at the 54th Venice Biennale, and she was nominated for the Turner Prize in the same year. She lives and works in Glasgow.


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