John Roettier Charles II, 1630 - 1685. King of Scots 1649 - 1685. King of England and Ireland 1660 - 1685 (with Catherine of Braganza, 1638 - 1705) Struck 1662 at / soon after the marriage to Catherine of Braganza


Born 1631
Died 1703
Nationality Flemish

The Roettier family was a successful Flemish dynasty of engravers and medallists. The name gained its reputation with Philip Roettier (1596-1669), whose support of Charles II whilst he was in exile secured future patronage for his sons. Following Charles’ restoration, Philips’s eldest son, John, was invited to work in England. John was unquestionably the most significant of the Roettier engravers and became Chief Engraver of the Royal Mint in 1670. Two of his brothers, Joseph and Philip, were also employed by the Mint and the three continued to work together until 1679. Although both brothers had returned to Europe by 1685, John continued in his role at the Mint, assisted by two of his sons, until 1689. He remained in London until his death in 1703.