Jessie M. King Princess Melilot About 1916 - 1917


Born 1875
Died 1949
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Kilpatrick
Death place Kirkcudbright

Born at New Kilpatrick, Dunbartonshire, King studied at Glasgow University and Glasgow School of Art. In 1898 she won a Queen’s Prize in the South Kensington National Art Competition and just a year later was working on book-cover design in Germany. She taught at Glasgow School of Art from 1902-1908. King developed a distinctive and popular style of outline illustration, but also designed fabrics, wallpaper, costumes and interiors, as well as ceramics and silver for Liberty’s of London. In 1908 she married the painter and designer E.A. Taylor, and they later moved to Paris to run the Shealing Atelier. The couple returned to Scotland on the outbreak of the First World War, setting up a small artists’ community in Kirkcudbright.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms


Derived from an element in classical architecture, it is used broadly to refer to any decorative horizontal band running along a wall or piece of furniture.

Glasgow Girls

The Glasgow Girls were a group of women artists and designers active in Glasgow at the turn of the twentieth century.