Jeremy Moon No. 7/73 Dated 1973 © The Estate of Jeremy Moon


Born 1934
Died 1973
Nationality English

Jeremy Moon was a British abstract painter. Moon studied Law at Christ’s College, Cambridge, before moving to London to work in advertising and study art. He briefly enrolled at Central School of Art but left education and advertising to begin working as an artist. He was deeply influenced by a group of British abstract artists known as The Situation Group, which can be seen in the geometric shapes, bright colours, and grid like patterns, recurring motifs in his work. He experimented with shaped canvases throughout the 1960s, creating a series of triangular and ‘Y’ shaped paintings. Drawing was also an integral part of Moon’s practice, and he created many sketches using pencil, wax crayons and coloured paper to develop ideas for his works. In 1962 he won The Associated Electrical Industries Prize for Sculpture and later went on to teach in the Sculpture and Painting Departments of St Martins School of Art and Chelsea School of Art in London during the 1960s and early 70s. Moon died in 1973 aged thirty-nine, after being involved in a motorcycle accident. Since his death, his work has continued to be exhibited widely and he has been the subject of multiple retrospectives.