Jason Dimmock Gail Porter (born 1971) 2019; printed 2020 © Jason Dimmock


Born 1975
Nationality British

Jason Dimmock is a portrait photographer based in the south of England. His sitters have included Lesley Manville and Hugh Bonneville and his work is part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery and the National Library of Wales. He has explained how he prefers to take his photos in locations where the sitters feel comfortable, use natural light, and catch ‘un-posed’ moments. That allows him to show an honest portrait of the personality of the protagonist. On his projects Dimmock has worked on how we perceived identity while looking at different individuals in diverse social contexts, from dating apps to school, big cities’ public spaces, a sunny beach, or the gym. His portraits at the National Galleries of Scotland offer an intimate view of two popular celebrities, Gail Porter and Mark Bonnar.