Jacob Jordaens 'As The Old Ones Sing, So The Young Ones Pipe’ About 1644


Born 1593
Died 1678
Nationality Flemish
Death place Antwerpen

After Rubens’s death in 1640, Jordaens succeeded him as the leading artist in Antwerp. Jordaens had collaborated with Rubens as an independent assistant on several projects, and they shared the same master in Antwerp, Adam van Noort. Jordaens married Van Noort’s daughter in 1616. His paintings included religious, historical and mythological subjects, as well as portraits and depictions of popular proverbs. He also designed tapestries and produced many fine drawings. From 1621, Jordaens was dean of the painters’ guild and took on the first of his numerous pupils. With inherited wealth, he purchased and renovated a large house in Antwerp, decorating it with his own paintings.