Hilary Lloyd Shopfront (from Cubitt Print Box) 2000


Born 1964

Hilary Lloyd is an English artist who is best known for working with film and video. Lloyd studied in Northumbria Polytechnic, after which she moved to London. Although she uses film to make art she does not consider herself a filmmaker, and is inspired by painting, sculpture, and architecture. Her film work is often shown on various monitors and screens which are arranged throughout a gallery space at different heights and intervals. In this way, the equipment used to present the film work becomes its own sculptural element, causing viewers to interact differently with the space by monervouring around it. Lloyd often films everyday scenes or objects, sometimes leaving them unedited. She does not present an explanation for her work, instead she invites the viewer to consider their own feelings and interpretations. Following a solo exhibition at Raven Row, a contemporary arts centre in Spitalfields, Lloyd was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2011. She currently lives and works in London.