Hannah Frank Dusty Answer 1930 © Estate of Hannah Frank


Born 1908
Died 2008

Hannah Frank was born in Glasgow to Jewish Russian immigrants. Frank originally studied English and Latin at the University of Glasgow and trained at Jordanhill to become a teacher. During this time she attended evening classes at Glasgow School of Art studying lithography, drawing, and sculpture. She is known for the art nouveau style of her work, and was influenced by artists of the previous generation including Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, Jessie M King and Aubrey Beardsley. Frank's black and white illustrations of elongated figures and scenes demonstrate her distinct style, and were frequently featured in the Glasgow University Magazine. Her last drawings are dated 1952, which is around the time that she started to concentrate on sculpture, most of which centre around the body. Frank's 100th birthday was celebrated with the opening of an exhibition of her work at the University of Glasgow where she also received an honorary degree in recognition of her 'international distinction.'