Giulio Romano (Giulio Pippi)

Italian (about 1499 - 1546)
Giulio Romano (Giulio Pippi) The Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist (Vierge de Novar) About 1518 - 1523


Born about 1499
Died 1546
Nationality Italian
Birth place Rome
Death place Mantuan

Giulio Romano was one of Raphael's most talented students, and with fellow student Gianfrancesco Penni continued to run his master's workshop after Raphael's death in 1520. He moved from Rome to Mantua in 1524 entering the service of Duke Federico II Gonzaga as court painter, designer and architect. Giulio Romano's technical skills and inventiveness were particularly expressed through his many drawings. He became a major exponent of the Mannerist style evident in his masterpiece for the Duke: the architecture and fresco decoration of the Palazzo del Te in Mantua.

Glossary terms

  • A style of art that spread from Italy to much of Europe in the 16th century, between the High Renaissance and Baroque periods. There is disagreement among historians as to its nature but it often seen as decadent, rejecting the classical ideals of the Renaissance and characterized by elongated figures.