Giovanni Domenico Campiglia

Italian (Florentine)
Giovanni Domenico Campiglia Giulio Romano, 1492 - 1546 Painter and architect Unknown


Born 1692
Died after 1775
Nationality Italian

Campiglia's reputation as a fine draughtsman is largely due to two great commissions he received during his career. In both cases he made drawings of antique sculptures which were engraved to illustrate publications. In the early 1730s he worked in Florence on Anton Francesco Gori's vast and celebrated publication Museum Florentium. Campiglia's contributions were published in 1734, the year Pope Clement XII invited him to Rome. There his fine ability to draw classical sculptures was employed by the historian Giovanni Gaetano Bottari for his multi-volume Musei Capitolini, published throughout the 1740s and 1750s. Campiglia's precise, highly finished red chalk drawings were especially popular with English collectors, who encountered his work during their Grand Tours of Italy.