George Rickey Two Lines up Excentric VI 1977 © Estate of George Rickey. All rights reserved. Artists' Right Society (ARS), New York and DACS, London 2023


Born 1907
Died 2002
Nationality American
Birth place Michiana
Death place Saint Paul

Rickey was born in Indiana but moved in Scotland in 1913 and spent his childhood in Glasgow. After studying at Oxford University, he returned to America in 1930. In 1949 Rickey made a mobile sculpture and from then on made exclusively kinetic sculptures. His first sculptures were made from glass, until he began using metal (mostly stainless steel) in 1950. Early sculptures comprised of simple rod-like forms, but from 1965 he began experimenting with planes based on rectangles and cubes. Much of Rickey's work is designed to be sited outdoors as his sculptures rely on air currents to set them in motion.