Francis Croll

Scottish (1827 - 1854)
Francis Croll & John Faed The Mother, wi' Her Needle an' Her Sheers'. Illustration to 'The Cottar's Saturdays Night' by Robert Burns. Verses IV and V 1853


Born 1827
Died 1854
Nationality Scottish

Francis Croll was born in Musselburgh, where his talent for drawing attracted notice from an early age. He was originally apprenticed as a draughtsman but moved to study line engraving after the death of his master, as well as attending the Trustees' Academy. He worked as an engraver of figures and portraits for Edinburgh publishers, although he exhibited sketches he made in in Argyll and Perthshire at the Royal Scottish Academy between 1850 and 1852. His promising career was cut short by his death in Edinburgh at the age of twenty-seven, due to complications caused by heart disease.

Glossary terms

  • The printmaking technique in which an image is inscribed on a copper plate with a tool that cuts a groove in the surface. This groove holds the ink that creates the print when it is applied to paper. Also refers to the method of making an incision on a material such as glass.