Francis Bedford

British (1816-1894)
Francis Bedford Mer de Glace 1860s


Born 1816
Died 1894
Nationality British
Birth place London
Death place London

Francis Bedford trained as an architect and practised as a lithographer, turning to photography in the early 1850s as an aid to his work. He had close links with the British monarchy, photographing objects in the royal collections for Queen Victoria and, in 1857, taking on a commission from Prince Albert to photograph his birthplace in Bavaria. In 1862 he accompanied the Prince of Wales on a four-month tour of the Middle East, making nearly 150 views which he exhibited and published on his return.

Glossary terms

  • A transparent film of gun cotton dissolved in ether and containing potassium iodide spread over a glass plate negative. Wet collodion was sensitised on the spot and developed immediately. It gives high resolution of detail. Dry collodion was usually found to be less sensitive.