Francesco Bartolozzi & Francesco Bartolozzi Scene with Three Women, Cooking in a Forest with a child and Soldier On-looking Unknown


Born 1727
Died 1815
Nationalities English
Birth place Florence
Death place Lisbon

Bartolozzi was an extremely successful engraver, both in Italy and in England. Born in Florence, he did not follow his father’s career path as a gold and silver-smith - instead his artistic flair saw him study painting with Ignazio Hugford and Giovanni Domenico Ferretti. Three years later Bartolozzi travelled to Venice to learn engraving and his career quickly flourished. In 1764 he moved to London and a short time later he was appointed Engraver to the King. He went on to be elected a founding member of the Royal Academy in 1768. In 1802 Bartolozzi moved to Portugal following his appointment as director of the National Academy of Lisbon.