Eugene Delacroix A Vase of Flowers Dated 1833


Born 1798
Died 1863
Nationality French
Birth place Saint-Maurice
Death place Paris

Delacroix was the foremost French painter of his day, and regarded by many as one of the last great history painters. His work displayed his highly charged romantic spirit, which he often attempted to temper with his knowledge of classical art. He expressed admiration for the great colourist painters of the Venetian Renaissance, and also drew inspiration from the work of Rubens. Delacroix believed that an artist’s work should reflect their true emotions and beliefs. His Romantic, colourful paintings were not suited to the neoclassical tastes of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, and he was barred from becoming a member until 1857. Delacroix depicted a number of historical and contemporary events, as well as literary and exotic subjects. His rebellious attitude was much admired by the Impressionists.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms


A movement in art, literature and music in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that rejected neoclassical restraint in favour of emotion and individual expression.