Eric Kennington Making Soldiers: Bayonet Practice (from the series ‘The Great War: Britain’s Efforts and Ideals’) Published 1918


Born 1888
Died 1960
Nationality English
Birth place Chelsea
Death place Reading

Perhaps best-known as a sculptor, Eric Kennington was also a painter and draughtsman. The son of an artist, Kennington was born in London. He served in France from 1914-15 and after being invalided out of the army he became an Official War Artist from 1916-19. Kennington’s experience of fighting at the Front enabled him to produce compelling images of soldiers both in action and going about their everyday duties. After the war he travelled to Arabia to illustrate T.E. Lawrence’s book ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’. Kennington sculpted the British war memorial in Soissons, France as well as a public war memorial to the 24th Division in Battersea Park, London. He also worked as a War Artist during the Second World War.