Edward Lear View near Conoor, Nilcheris, India Dated 1875


Born 1812
Died 1888
Nationality English
Birth place Greater London
Death place San Remo

Although now best known for his nonsense verse, Edward Lear was a superb draughtsman, a talented musician, an intrepid traveller and an outstanding landscape artist and travel writer. He was born in London and began to draw commercially at the age of sixteen. He developed a passion for travelling and in 1837 he moved to Rome, where he lived for a decade. Lear visited Greece for the first time in 1848, as a part of an extended tour that took him to Corfu, Athens, Turkey, Albania and Egypt, before returning to Greece in the spring of 1849. He lived in Corfu form 1855-64, and continued to lead an itinerant existence. He travelled widely in the Mediterranean and the Middle East and touring India and Sri Lanka in 1873-5. His final years were spent in San Remo, Italy where he died in 1888.