Domenico Duprà John Drummond, 4th titular Duke of Perth, 1714 - 1747. Jacobite 1739


Born 1689
Died 1770
Nationality Italian

The Italian portrait painter Domenico Duprà is best known for his close connection with the exiled Jacobite court in Rome. Duprà was born in Turin in 1689. He studied in Rome some time before 1718, probably in the studio of Trevisani, and from 1719 until 1730 he was active at the Portuguese court. By 1731 Duprà had returned to Rome, where the Stuarts and their followers became his most important patrons. Both James Francis Edward and Charles Edward Stuart commissioned portraits from him, as did many of their supporters and visitors. Domenico Duprà’s younger brother Giuseppe also worked as a portrait painter. In 1750 both brothers were called to Turin, where they became court painters to the Duke of Savoy.