Domenico Brusasorci (Domenico Riccio) The Circumcision 1547


Born about 1515
Died 1567
Nationality Italian
Birth place Veronese
Death place Veronese

Believed to have trained initially with his father, Brusasorci became one of the leading artists of mid-sixteenth century Verona. He painted large-scale altarpieces and frescoes for the city and its surrounding region. Brusasorci’s work reflects a wide variety of influences, from Parmigianino and Giulio Romano to Titian. He was largely responsible for introducing the Mannerist style into the local Veronese tradition. Brusasorci was considered a particularly modern artist in his own time; his colourful approach was innovative, and he remained consistently devoted to the fashionable style of Mannerism throughout his career.