Dirck van Delen A Conversation in a Palace Courtyard Dated 1644


Born 1605
Died 1671
Nationality Dutch
Birth place Heusden
Death place Arnemuiden

Van Delen lived near the town of Arnemuiden near Middelburg in the province of Zeeland, where he was a member of the painters’ guild from 1639 to 1665. His paintings were devoted entirely to architectural subjects. Van Delen’s early work included church interiors and views of elaborate palaces, many of which he based on Italian and Flemish prints. Paintings of churches became less frequent in Van Delen’s oeuvre after 1630, when he began to concentrate on views of palaces. Over time, Van Delen’s palette lightened, and his palace façades were decorated with pink and white marble and embellished with an array of Baroque sculpture. The wealthy figures that populate his scenes often derived from prints by famous Italian engravers.