Diego Velázquez An Old Woman Cooking Eggs 1618


Born 1599
Died 1660
Nationality Spanish
Birth place Sevilla
Death place Madrid

Velázquez became the leading Spanish artist of the seventeenth century. His outstanding skills were evident in his early works in Seville, and his talent for portraiture soon brought him to the attention of the court in Madrid. He moved there on his appointment as painter to King Philip IV in 1623. He was inspired by Titian's paintings in the Spanish royal collection and visited Italy twice. His innovative designs, and bold dazzling brushwork brought universal admiration. Velázquez was honoured as a knight for his artistic and diplomatic services in 1658.

Glossary terms

Glossary terms


A painting style in which paint is applied in thick, textural passages that stands out from the surface. Popularised during the seventeenth century, the painterly technique has remained a vital element of modern and contemporary practices.