David Foggie David Foggie, 1878 - 1948. Artist (Self-portrait) 1945


Born 1878
Died 1948
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Dundee

Artist David Foggie was born and educated in Dundee. Between 1898 and 1900 he studied art at Antwerp Academy in Belgium. He briefly moved back home, got married, and returned to the continent once more for further study in Antwerp, Florence and Paris. In 1904 Foggie finally returned to Scotland. He settled in Fife and practised as an artist in Dundee, where he joined and later presided over the Dundee Art Society. In 1919 he moved to Edinburgh and started teaching at Edinburgh College of Art the following year. Foggie was elected a full member of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1930 and became its Secretary from 1932 until his death. He is best known as a figure and portrait painter, although he also produced a great number of delicate landscapes in water-colour.