Corita Kent a covert of cypress for its walls 1958 © Corita Art Centre, Immaculate Heart Community, Los Angeles, California, USA


Born 1918
Died 1986
Nationality American

Corita Kent was an artist, educator, and social activist. Born Frances Elizabeth Kent, she grew up in Hollywood, California and took the name Sister Mary Corita when she entered the religious order Immaculate Heart of Mary at 18 years old. She remained a nun for 32 years and was head of the art department at Immaculate Heart College. Working primarily in screen printing, her bold and colourful work evolved from figurative and religious themes to incorporate pop culture references including advertising images, slogans, and song lyrics. Her work became increasingly political during the 1960s as she addressed issues of poverty, racism and social injustice. Kent left the order in 1968 and moved to Boston where she pursued her artistic career full-time. She was commissioned for various public and private projects and remained an advocate for social causes until her death in 1986.