Clifton Pugh Naomi (Lady) Mitchison, 1897 - 1999. Author 1974 © Dailan Pugh and Shane Pugh


Born 1924
Died 1990
Nationality Australian
Birth place Richmond, Melbourne
Death place Victoria

Clifton Pugh was a successful Australian artist known for his portraits of politicians, artists and academics, and his paintings of bush landscapes. Born in Melbourne, he attended life drawing classes before serving with the Australian Imperial Force in New Guinea and Japan between 1943 and 1947. In 1951 he bought a property near Melbourne, called Dunmoochin, where he founded the Dunmoochin Artists Society. Between 1957 and 1987 he had numerous one-man exhibitions in Australia and abroad. In 1989 Pugh set up the Dunmoochin Foundation, which to this day provides residences and studio space for artists, as well as preserving the land and wildlife around the estate. His life has been the subject of several books and films.