Ciara Phillips No title 2017 © Ciara Phillips


Born 1976
Nationalities Canadian
Birth place Ottawa, Canada

Recognising the links between printing, propaganda and social activism, Phillips uses printmaking to prompt discussion around current social and political concerns. Her prints are not rigidly designed; though she sets out with ideas in mind, she allows the process of making to develop or interrupt these. Using a range of techniques – including screenprinting, photo-etching, woodcut, and relief printing – she combines non-figuratuve elements with text, figurative motifs, and her own photographs. Phillips also creates context-specific installations which foreground exhibition spaces as places for collective making, as well as discussion and display. Phillips studied at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada (2000) and Glasgow School of Art, Scotland (2004). She has exhibited widely including in the 39th EVA International in Limerick (2021) and in the 21st Biennale of Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (2018).  She is the initiator of Poster Club, a group of Glasgow-based artists who work collaboratively on printing and event-based projects. Phillips was nominated for the 2014 Turner Prize and was the winner of the Queen Sonja Print Award in 2020. She lives and works between Glasgow and Lingbo, Sweden.