Carole Gibbons The Bride About 1965 © Estate of the Artist


Born 1935
Nationality Scottish
Birth place Glasgow

Carole Gibbons was born in 1935 in Glasgow, where she has lived and worked for most of her life. She was a student at Glasgow School of Art in the late 1950s and a member of The Young Glasgow Group, a collective of 11 artists who decided to show their work independently. After her studies, Gibbons travelled to Europe, living and working in Spain for a period before returning to Glasgow in 1967. This time in Spain influenced Gibbons’ bright colour palette and can be seen in her bold use of red, yellow, and blue, applied to a range of subject matter, including still life, landscapes, and figures. Gibbons’ paintings blur the line between abstraction and representation. She often creates large-scale works with densely painted surfaces and visible brushstrokes. Gibbons held her first solo show in her Renfrew Street studio in Glasgow and has been exhibited widely ever since. Her distinctive work appears in many public art collections across the UK, and she exhibited with contemporary artist Lucy Stein at Glasgow International biennial in 2012. She continues to work from her home studio in Glasgow.