Bernardino Lanino Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness About 1550 Reproduced courtesy of a private collection on long term loan to the National Galleries of Scotland


Born about 1512
Died 1583
Nationality Italian

Lanino was almost certainly born in Vercelli in Piemonte, and spent his entire career working there and in the neighbouring region of Lombardy. He was apprenticed to a minor painter in Vercelli in 1528, and by 1533 was a master painter. By then his style was strongly influenced by the leading painter in the city, Gaudenzio Ferrari, in whose workshop he may have spent some time. His main production was altarpieces and fresco cycles for churches in the city and other towns in Piemonte, such as Biella and Novara. During the 1540s and 1550s he made several trips to Milan, where he received some important commissions, and where came under the influence of followers of Leonardo da Vinci such as Bernardino Luini. Later in his career he reverted to his youthful style influenced by Gaudenzio, and established a busy workshop mainly producing altarpieces.