Bernard Meadows Maquette for Cock 1950 © The Meadows Family


Born 1915
Died 2005
Nationality English
Birth place Norwich

Meadows was part of a new generation of sculptors whose work Herbert Reid defined as belonging to 'the geometry of fear'. He began his studies at Norwich School of Art in 1934 and, whist there, he was introduced to Henry Moore. Meadows became Moore’s studio assistant and it was the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. From 1936-7 Meadows attended Chelsea School of Art followed by the Royal College of Art (RCA), but the outbreak of the Second World War interrupted his studies. In 1941 he joined the Royal Air Force and his postings abroad, in particular to the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, proved influential to his work. Meadows went on to become professor of sculpture at the RCA from 1960-8 and, from 1983-8, he was acting director of the Henry Moore Foundation.