Antonio Pisanello (di Puccio Pisano) Gianfrancesco Gonzaga, 1st Marquis of Mantua (1395 - 1444) (Reverse: The Marquis Riding with a Squire) About 1439


Born 1395
Died 1455
Nationality Italian
Birth place Pisa
Death place Rome

Pisanello was one of the most celebrated and multi-talented artists of his day. His paintings ranged from large decorative frescoes (many of which have been destroyed or damaged) to small elegant portraits that combined closely observed natural detail with a strong sense of pattern. He is now best known for his drawings and portrait medals. Originally from Pisa, Pisanello trained in Verona and then completed fresco projects begun by Gentile da Fabriano in Venice and Rome. He travelled throughout Italy and was employed at the Renaissance courts of Mantua, Ferrara and Naples.