Andrew Morton Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, 1778 - 1868. Statesman About 1835


Born 1802
Died 1845
Nationality English
Birth place Newcastle
Death place London

Andrew Morton was born in Newcastle, the son of a master mariner and elder brother of Thomas Morton, the surgeon. He studied art at the Royal Academy Schools in London where he gained a silver medal in 1821, the very first time he exhibited work. From then until his death in 1845 he frequently exhibited at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and the Society of British Artists. He painted only portraits, his style owing much to that of Sir Thomas Lawrence. His wide and distinguished circle of sitters included King William IV, the Duke of Wellington and Sir James and Lady Marianna Cockburn. Morton died of inflammation of the lungs on 1 August 1845 in London.