Andrea Schiavone

Italian (about 1515 - 1563)
Andrea Schiavone An Archer Seen from Behind 1550 - 1560


Born about 1515
Died 1563
Nationality Italian

Andrea Meldolla was a native of the Venetian colonial city of Zara (now Zadar) in Dalmatia (modern Croatia), but he moved to Venice itself in the second half of the 1530s. Because of his national roots Andrea was nicknamed Schiavone, which in Italian means ‘Slavonian’. He was a proficient draughtsman and etcher as well as a painter, and was heavily influenced by the work of Parmigianino and some of the central Italian Mannerist painters. Many of Schiavone’s paintings are small-scale mythological pictures, although he was capable of painting large altarpieces and decorative schemes. His work is characterised by a vigorous, painterly use of the brush or pen.

Glossary terms

  • A style of art that spread from Italy to much of Europe in the 16th century, between the High Renaissance and Baroque periods. There is disagreement among historians as to its nature but it often seen as decadent, rejecting the classical ideals of the Renaissance and characterized by elongated figures.