Alfredo Noack

Italian/German (1833 - 1895)
Alfredo Noack Boy with Cow 1880s


Born 1833
Died 1895
Nationalities Italian

Alfredo Noack was born in Dresden but moved to live in Genoa in Italy, where he set up a studio in Vico del Filo. He specialised in taking landscapes for the growing tourist industry. He created images of Italian village life showing scenes of shepherds and cowherds - subjects that had long since become traditional in European painting. At the same time, by representing peasants at work, he was responding to the nineteenth-century Realist movement in art.

Glossary terms

  • Used generally for art that attempts to represent things as they appear. It specifically refers to a mid-19th century movement in France, led by Gustave Courbet, that rejected the sometimes obscure subject matter of academic painting in favour of more accessible scenes of everyday life.