Aenne Biermann Am Bolten About 1930


Born 1898
Died 1933
Nationality German
Birth place Goch
Death place Gera

Aenne Biermann was a self-taught photographer who developed one of the most sophisticated modernist practices in interwar Germany. Of privileged upbringing, she began to photograph her children in the early 1920s, moving beyond family snapshots towards a more rigorous documentation. Despite her relative isolation, she was able to assimilate many of the formal innovations of the New Photography movement, exploring modernist motifs such as botanical forms and radical close-ups of the human face. In both public and private spheres she adopted a modernist imperative to abandon traditional ways of seeing and view the world from a new perspective. Being of Jewish origin, Biermann’s archive was confiscated by the Nazis in 1939 and has never been fully recovered.