Adrian Heath Light Screen 1954/82 © Estate of Adrian Heath. All Rights Reserved. DACS, London 2023


Born 1920
Died 1992
Nationality English
Birth place Myanmar (Burma)
Death place France

Heath’s training at the Slade School, London, was broken by the War in which he served in the RAF and was subsequently taken prisoner in Germany. After the War he completed his academic training at the Slade and spent a year painting realist landscapes and portraits in France. He returned to England in 1948 and became friends with the artists Terry Frost, Victor Pasmore, Kenneth and Mary Martin and Anthony Hill. At Pasmore’s request, he showed his first abstract composition at the London Group in December 1949 but he did not fully commit to abstract art until 1951. His work remained in this vein until the late 1950s. Heath was also a passionate teacher, tutoring in both art historical and practical disciplines.