About this artwork

Cadell often used the ‘picture within a picture’ device in his paintings. This allowed him to play with the geometric form of the picture frame and indulge his interest in two-dimensional surface pattern. Here, the composition is formally divided by five horizontal panels. This, combined with the fruit in the foreground, which echoes the fruit in the picture, creates a lively composition, with the focal point resting on the decorated Wiener Werkstätte designed glass on the table.

  • title: The Green Bottle
  • accession number: GMA 5005
  • artist: Francis Campbell Boileau CadellScottish (1883 - 1937)
  • gallery: In Storage
  • object type: Painting
  • subject: Still life
  • materials: Oil on canvas
  • date created: mid-1920s
  • measurements: 50.00 x 44.50 cm (framed: 72.30 x 57.00 x 7.20 cm)
  • credit line: Accepted by HM Government in Lieu of Inheritance Tax and allocated to the National Galleries of Scotland, 2008
  • photographer: Antonia Reeve

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell

Cadell studied in Paris and lived in Munich before settling in his native Edinburgh around 1909. Cadell's pre-war work is influenced by the Impressionists. From around 1920, his work became brighter and bolder. Shadows were suppressed to such an extent that the paintings of this period are comprised of areas of flat colour. Cadell made regular trips to France and Iona with fellow Scottish Colourist S. J. Peploe. Both artists were influenced by the effects of strong sunlight, which led them to use areas of bright colour in their paintings.

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