About this artwork

The painted panel illustrates a story in three scenes from left to right. One of the main characters, a young man called Ambrogiuolo, appears several times. Bernabo, a merchant from Genoa has boasted of his wife Ginevra's virtue and bets Ambrogiuolo will not succeed in seducing her. Ambrogiuolo bribes an old woman to have him carried into Ginevra's bedroom hidden in a chest. He is then shown looking at Ginevra. He finds a mole under her left breast and will use this information to convince Bernarbo of his mission's success. The rest of the cassone (chest) is a nineteenth-century reconstruction.

  • title:
    Cassone with Scenes from Boccaccio's 'Decameron'
  • accession number:
    NG 1738
  • artist:
  • studio of:
  • gallery:
  • object type:
  • materials:
    Pine, gesso, gilt, tempera on panel
  • date created:
    About 1420 - 1425
  • measurements:
    Front painted panel with cusped border: 41.90 x 142.00 cm; Cassone: 82.50 x 195.50 x 68.60 cm
  • credit line:
    Presented by Dr John Warrack 1929
  • photographer:
    Antonia Reeve