David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson

Jeanie Wilson and Annie Liston (Newhaven 24)

About this artwork

This photograph of two fishwives is one of about 120 photographs by Hill and Adamson that document the life and work of the fishermen and women of Newhaven, an independent fishing village to the north of Edinburgh. Whilst the men went out to sea, the women did most of the land work, such as gutting and preparing the fish and carrying them up into town to sell. Their distinctive striped dresses and natural beauty made them a tourist attraction and they were admired for their strong and heroic character. Because of the dangerous work of their men at sea, the women’s life-long friendships were crucial in creating a close-knit community that cared for those in need, including the widows and orphans.

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David Octavius Hill

David Octavius Hill